My name is Hannah, though I’m commonly referred to by my surname – Norton, or Norts for short.

When I was 15 or 16, I managed to grow to 5’3. I have been eternally sure I’d grow taller, but it’s been more than 14 years now, so I think it’s not happening. During that time, I’ve been a (very) long-term student, newspaper journalist, magazine editor and freelance writer. Now I’m in PR and write this blog-thingy, which you have stumbled across – hello! I also study law part-time and should have my LLB by 2025, weather permitting.

I’ve just travelled around a number of Asia-Pacific countries (Japan, Hawaii, Singapore, Thailand) for four months as part of a Global Leaders’ scholarship, learning about phronetic (wise) leadership on an international scale – studying a variety of topics, from capital markets to Socrates and Confucius, and international IP law to global economics. We’ve also spent four months working on a capstone project addressing an issue we are passionate about. Mine is about suicide reduction.

I’m coming back to my home country of New Zealand rejuvenated, inspired and ready for further self-exploration and discovery, ready to make a difference and align myself with those rowing in the same waka (canoe). Hit me up – hannah@hannahnortonwrites.com.